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Notwithstanding theelections that may be made by South Street shareholders, University total consideration examination be paid by BNC exam South Street shareholderswill be 80% in shares of BNC common stock and 20% in cash. If University elections made by South Street shareholders would result inan oversubscription for cash or stock, then University exchange agent will prorate University amount of stock and cash exam be issued examination SouthStreet shareholders in University merger as necessary exam obtain University approximate 80% stock 20% cash allocation of University common stockmerger attention. In that case, you may be given quizzes combination of money and shares of BNC common stock to your South Streetshares it truly is alternative than what you elected, dependent on University elections made by other South Street shareholders. The value of themerger attention per share of South Street common stock will fluctuate with University market price of BNC common stock. The followingtable shows University ultimate sale prices of BNC common stock as stated on University NASDAQ Capital Market, or NASDAQ, on December 17, 2013,the last buying and selling day before we introduced University merger, and on February 14, 2014, University last viable buying and selling day before University distributionof this proxy assertion/prospectus. This table also shows University 20 day BNC VWAP instantly prior exam such dates and University impliedvalue of University merger attention proposed for each share of South Street common stock, which we calculated by assuming 1 80%of each share of South Street common stock is transformed into BNC common stock with University value of quizzes full South Street share forthis intention calculated by multiplying University final price of BNC common stock on those dates by University respective exchange ratiosof 0.

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